Laura Curry Bio

Cultural Audit is a woman owned business. For more information, contact Laura Curry, creator of Cultural Audit.

 – Cultural Audit has done an incredible job of connecting and collaborating with the community’s residents, none of whom will be involuntarily displaced by the upgrade.

– Perhaps the most innovative undertaking was a “cultural audit”.
SWITCHOARD, National Resources Defense Council

Interested in questions located within the social, political and cultural, Laura Curry, creator of Cultural Audit, works as a catalyst for positive change through authentic collaborations between communities and the agencies involved.

Laura views her art, consultancy and teaching as three parts of her practice, where each area benefits and forwards the whole. Laura combines these distinct focus areas in order to advance conversations and ideas that address equity and justice issues pertaining to food, housing, and transportation.

Laura connects constituent communities to a proposed project through authentic, multi-layered participatory structures. The Cultural Audit methodology situates the community of a project in the center, as the defining constituent of the project process.

Laura has conducted Cultural Audits for the cities of Los Angeles, New Orleans, Jackson Mississippi, St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota, Denver Colorado, Seattle Washington, Port Angeles Washington, Oregon City Oregon and Portland Oregon. Laura has experience in mission driven housing, master planning, communications, and content generation, working in the areas of retail strategy, communications, planning and design, and arts and culture assessments.

Laura has presented Cultural Audit in the areas of higher education, civic engagement, and design strategies.

Laura’s work has been presented in the United States at Open Engagement at Queens Museum/ Queens NY; ISEA/ Albuquerque NM; Time Mutations, Buffalo/ NY; On the Boards/Seattle WA; Hugo House/ Seattle WA; TBA Festival for Portland Institute on Contemporary Art/ Portland OR; The Southern Theater/ Minneapolis MN, and ODC/ San Francisco, through the SCUBA National Touring Network for Dance. Internationally, Laura’s work has been presented at DOCUMENTA 13/ Kassel Germany; Time Mutations, Bauhaus-Universität/Weimar; and The Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology/ Michoacan Mexico.

Laura has received funding from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Technē Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies, Department of Media Study University at Buffalo, the McAloon Conference Grant, Artist Trust (2 Fellowships for Choreography and a GAP Grant), the Seattle Mayors Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, 4 Culture, Art Patch, Meet the Composer, West Sound Arts Council, the Arizona State Arts Commission.

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