About Cultural Audit ™

“It’s where art meets science allowing us to design with our ears, eyes and our emotional response”

Cultural Audit is a woman-owned business. For more information, contact Laura Curry, creator of Cultural Audit.

Cultural Audit is a rigorous iterative research methodology conceived from a creative, socially engagement process and a commitment to civic responsibility. Cultural Audit is used anywhere that technology, the built environment, strategy, and communications intersect with end users.

At the conceptual phase of an idea, I embed myself within a neighborhood or group to move beyond typical community engagement.  Working within this context, constituent framed engagement strategies ignite a genuine collaborative and participatory design process.

The programming and design phases benefit from the Cultural Audit. Working with constituent groups as part of a solutions focused design process, Cultural Audit continues to reveal user-group attitudes and positioning in real-time, offering insights as ideas take form through community driven strategies.

Cultural Audit is a valuable tool in the post design phase of a project, supplying first-hand testimony and documentation of the project results in real life.

By carefully listening, learning, and exploring the contextual framework of constituent communities, Cultural Audit partners with under served neighborhoods to build structures of empowerment, agency, and representation.

“If you can find a better process of community engagement for a city-sponsored housing initiative than the one undertaken by the Denver Housing Authority for Mariposa, I’d like to see it.”

– Kaid Benfield’s Blog, Switchboard Natural Resources Defense Council

303 ArtWay
client: Urban Land Conservancy
Denver, CO.
2016/ 17
Content Generation
client: WSL Strategic Retail, New York, NY
River North Park
client: City of Denver, Colorado
National Site Research
client: WSL Strategic Retail, New York, NY
River Front Master Plan
client: City of St. Paul, St. Paul Minnesota
Cultural District Overlay
client: City of Seattle, Seattle Washington
State Center Redevelopment Master Plan
client: City of Baltimore, Maryland
Mixed Use Housing, Retail, TOD Master Plan
client: City of Austin, Austin Texas
Public Housing Master Plan
client: City of Oregon, Oregon City Oregon
Public Housing Master Plan
client: City of Port Angeles, Port Angeles, Washington
Public Housing Master Plan
client: City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Minnesota
Public Art Assessment
client: City of Bellevue, Bellevue Washington
Mixed Use Housing, Retail, TOD Master Plan
client: City of Denver, Denver Colorado
Stephen Epler Hall, Post Occupancy Evaluation
client: Portland State University, Portland Oregon
New Orleans Compact International Conference, New Orleans Louisiana
client: Global Green, Santa Monica California
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