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Performance Memoirs: Willamette Week, Portland OR: When a hot-magenta hotel-room door hanger announces, “Please disturb me,” you know you’re in for something intriguing. Laura Curry’s intimate 30-minute performances take place inside a small room at the Mark Spencer Hotel; disturbing aspects of identity overlap in narrative and movement, seducing spectators into becoming part of the scene. If you like to keep your boundaries nice and tidy, stay the heck away. Curry, who was in TBA proper last year, is strictly on the sidelines this year (unless, of course, being unlisted is just part of the act?). All comers must sign up in advance for their illicit hotel-room assignations: (TLB) Mark Spencer Hotel, Saturday, Sept. 9.

What a fantastic evening. So successful and intricate and psychologically magical! Well done.

It was like a party on acid. I had no idea what to expect – crushed into a room with people I didn’t know – subtly manipulated to interact and engage, and before I realized it, I was sitting in the bed with 10 strangers holding a cake, and you guys had vanished! It wasn’t like anything I have experienced before!

I came away feeling good – that tickle of delight when some artistic experience has come together for me in the end

PINKK: Queen Anne News, Isaiah Thompson:The experience (pinkk) was intense, voyeuristic, erotic

The Stranger, Emily Hall: Laura Curry manipulates the audience like a visual artist… you occasionally get moments of startling beauty…you also get moments of rather shocking intimacy.

 Brangien Davis, The Seattle TimesPressed against the wall, like a mob trying to get a better glimpse at something illicit, audience members are privy to a butoh performance. Privacy, and the lack thereof, is a theme that runs strong in “Pinkk.” Almost as interesting as the performance itself is watching the audience reaction, which of course was part of Curry’s intention as she subverts the roles of performer and audience, watcher and watched. Some people walk right up and interact with the dancers, others stay back in the shadows and observe.

 Congratulations on the latest incarnation of Pinkk — fantastic piece! The fact that you supplied such a degree of intimacy in an installation that large was quite an achievement. As a friend of mine said, “I thought the performance was put on just for me.”

‘Pinkk’ compels: Alice Kaderlan Halsey Seattle Post-Intelligencer

 I feel like i’m getting more out of it the longer it’s been since the experience itself.  Bravo.

 It was truly refreshing to see someone take another look at a conventional theater space. My friend and I really enjoyed it, sparked some interesting thinking, wondering, conversations…afterwards

 I thought your work was very provocative and engaging.  It initiated questions about how dance functions, how it communicates, and what happens as you transition between performance space and audience.

 The piece could have gone on for hours and I would have been happy to stay in its intimate embrace.  Bret Fetzer