About Laura Curry

Sweetness 7, Buffalo NY

Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop

Laura Curry is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, arts administration professional, and consultant working in performance, installation, digital art, networked media and site research. Laura holds an MFA from the Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo, in Media Study and Emerging Practices.

Interested in questions located within the social, political and cultural, Laura works as a solo and collaborative artist. Extending her art practice into the areas of planning and design, Laura is a community engagement and site research specialist. Naming this practice  Cultural Audit ™, Laura has conducted Cultural Audits for the cities of Los Angeles, New Orleans, Jackson Mississippi, St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota, Denver Colorado, Seattle Washington, Port Angeles Washington, Oregon City Oregon and Portland Oregon. These projects address mission driven housing, public space, master planning, communications, and strategy.

Central to Laura’s practice based research are partner projects Bike Date and Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop, which act in dialogue with each other and are conducted in the Americas. Through these projects, Laura situates the roadway as a social space, and transportation as a democratized resource, using direct engagement, performance, media, and object as elements in her practice. Laura engages Women, Trans and Female identified communities through Bike Date, and broader populations through Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop.

Bike Date was last conducted in Monterrey Mexico, 2017, as part of a teaching residency with University of Monterrey, and a research, site based installation with NoAutomatico.

Laura builds performance/ installations for physical and virtual spaces, and has been presented nationally: Open Engagement at Queens Museum/ Queens NY; ISEA/ Albuquerque NM; Time Mutations, Buffalo/ NY; On the Boards/Seattle WA; Hugo House/ Seattle WA; TBA Festival for Portland Institute on Contemporary Art/ Portland OR; The Southern Theater/ Minneapolis MN, and ODC/ San Francisco, through the SCUBA National Touring Network for Dance. Internationally: DOCUMENTA 13/ Kassel Germany; Time Mutations, Bauhaus-Universität/Weimar; and The Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology/ Michoacan Mexico.

Laura has been supported by Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Technē Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies, Department of Media Study University at Buffalo, the McAloon Conference Grant, Artist Trust (2 Fellowships for Choreography and a GAP Grant), the Seattle Mayors Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, 4 Culture, Art Patch, Meet the Composer, West Sound Arts Council, the Arizona State Arts Commission, among others.




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