Artist / Research in Residence

Beginning January 2010 I am an Artist/ Researcher in Residence with CIESAS Noreste, Monterrey Mexico.

The 2020 / 21 pandemic has paused my field work and displaced me. Presently I am teaching online through cultural spaces including Laboratorio Indisciplinario, writing and presenting my researched based practice at conferences including American Association of Geographers. I will resume field work in Monterrey Mexico summer / fall of 2021.

Research abstract:

Placing the urban environments of select South and North American cities at the center of my research, this paper examines how urban mobility intersects with gender and environmental justice. As a queer artist, activist, and educator I examine urban mobility discourses to discuss how transportation maintains environmental and mobility injustices. And, I discuss how these injustices exclude queer and feminist perspectives and their bodies as part of this ongoing unjust system that I refer to as intersectional, in regard to gender, racism, socio-economic status, and age. I conclude environmental justice can only be achieved with mobility justice and that to achieve mobility justice we need to queer the city. To queera city is when transparency mechanisms, gender and BIPOC perspectives and embodied experiences are the norm, and when aspiration includes achieving a post carbon, fully sustainable and economically equitable city.

Keywords: urban mobility, transit deserts, intersectional environmentalism, queering the city