Bike Date Installation: Buffalo NY and Bogota Colombia 2016

IMG_5602 I distributed an appeal in Buffalo NY for Bike Date. The focus is to record stories of  women, girls, and female identified cyclists, (WTF) while we cycle together. The recorded audio is edited and accessed through QR code links.  The QR codes are printed on 42″ x  36″ polyester media, and installed outdoors for echo Art Fair.

2 months before echo Art Fair, I was in Bogota Colombia conducting Bike Dates, so the narratives for echo Art Fair are from both Buffalo and Bogota in Spanish and English.

Considering the environmental and transportation impact of cycling, the pieces at echo Art Fair act as collection sites. During the installation, I considered the pieces to be imprinted with the environmental conditions of Buffalo NY.

After echo Art Fair 8 pieces are sent to Bogota Colombia for the installation:  Cosquilleos, zumbidos, interferencias electroacústicas y otras inconformidades sonoras at the venues El Sanatoria and El Parche.  The printed QR codes, again, point to Bike Date narratives from both Bogota and Buffalo in Spanish and English.

A short video of a Bogota Bike Date

6 pieces linking to Bike Date narratives from 4,267 kilometers away are weather beaten and frayed.  2 “clean” pieces, installed outdoors, link to local Bike Date narratives from Bogota. During the installation they too collect the environmental impacts of Bogota.

Moving through political, language, and environmental territories, the Bike Date installation frames transportation as a justice and environmental issue.