Bike Date Buffalo

IMG_5602Bike Date for echo Art Fair, May 2016.  I distributed an appeal to record stories from women, girls, female identified cyclists, while we cycled together. The edited audio stories are accessed via QR codes printed on polyester 42″ x  36″ sheets, installed on an outdoor structure. The weekend of echo Art Fair the winds blew – 30 mph gusts!  The installation became flags snapping in the wind: a dynamic audio installation created from recorded audio. These pieces act as depositories, collecting the environmental imprints of a place.

After Echo Art Fair, 8 pieces are sent and installed in Bogota, August 2016. 6 weather beaten and frayed pieces transmit experiences, as a time based story that began 4,267 kilometers from Bogota, in Buffalo NY, while 2 untouched pieces, exhibited outdoors, are depositories for Bogota.