Cita en Bici – Bike Date Buffalo NY / Bogota Colombia

El Sanatorio

El Sanatorio, Bogota Colombia


echo Art Fair, Buffalo NY

Ink-jet printed QR codes on 42″ x  36″ white polyester media link to Cita en Bici – Bike Date narratives in Spanish and English for echo Art Fair, Buffalo NY, and in Bogota Colombia for Cosquilleos, zumbidos, interferencias electroacústicas y otras inconformidades sonoras at El Sanatoria and El Parche.

Some pieces installed in Bogota and New York, 4,267 kilometers away from each other, are weather beaten and frayed, imprinted with the environmental impact of their respective cities, while others are “untouched”. Moving through political, language, and environmental territories, the Cita en Bici – Bike Date narratives frame transportation, and by extension, immigration as a justice and environmental issue.

Cita en Bici – Bike Date is a research based performance project conducted in North and South American cities. I examine the relationship of female identified cyclists (transgender, transsexual, cisgender or non-binary) with the street within a system of oppression and violence that suggest the streets have a hetero-normal discourse developed for the motor vehicle, which does not include a physical or psychological territory for the “cyclist, the other”.

A short video of a Bogota Bike Date