Multi-media installation / Performance / Pop-up Books / Traditional Sweet Breads

Informed from the interrelated spaces of a historic hacienda and the neighboring town of Maravatio Mexico, the performance is situated in a caretaker’s kitchen at the hacienda of The Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology.  The audience of local residents accesses the performance through the single window the caretaker used to view the hacienda grounds outside.

Field video and audio recordings begun as initial research sketches for Harina, are used as the performance soundtrack and the projected view looking outward from the caretakers doorway, directly across from the viewing window.

During the research for Harina, I learned baking traditions from community matriarchs. Using the caretaker’s wood fired adobe oven, I began the performance day by baking 32 sweet breads, which I packaged and gave to each audience member through the viewing window.

Pop-up books designed and fabricated with detritus from the hacienda and the town of Maravatio are research elements.

The video is a sketch study of the spaces and sounds I moved through while in Guapamacátaro and Maravatio.

Photography by Juan Luis Zegarra Queirolo, Ian Gunn, Liz Lessner, Laura Curry, Roberta Petzoldt.  Video photography support by Juan Luis Zegarra Queirolo, and Lilyana Gcuellar