Multi-media installation / Performance / Video / Pop-up Books / Sweet breads

This project was created from the sensations I experienced while living at The Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology http://guapamacataro.org/ and from the neighboring town of Maravatio during an artist residency. I framed my work in the historical context of these interrelated spaces.

Performance space filled with 400 lbs of flour on the floor in the caretakers kitchen at Guapamacátaro.  Video is projected onto the interior door of the kitchen. The audience views the performance through the kitchen window.

I learned how to make traditional sweet breads from community matriarchs, Bertha and Beatrice. For the open house performance, I made 32 little sweet breads in the morning, cooked them in a traditional adobe oven, and wrapped them as gifts. Gift giving concluded my performance in the caretakers kitchen; a gesture that acknowledges the decades of labor at the hacienda, originally a grain mill for more than 80 years.

4 Pop-up books contain drawings of historic images, objects found at the hacienda, and a video image. Detritus of Guapamacátaro surround each image.

The video is a sketch study of the spaces and sounds I moved through while in Guapamacátaro and Maravatio.

Photography by Juan Luis Zegarra Queirolo, Ian Gunn, Liz Lessner, Laura Curry, Roberta Petzoldt.  Video photography support by Juan Luis Zegarra Queirolo, and Lilyana Gcuellar