Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop

Community Engagement Station / Bicycle Repair Station / Audio Playback Device

Grant St., Buffalo NY

Drawing on the data of the lived bodily experiences of the cyclist, my practice illustrates roadway infrastructure through audio recorded narratives. I invite people to sit and rest, and have a conversation with me about their experiences concerning transportation at the Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop.

As a site for basic bicycle repair, conversations at the Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop can begin with bike repair service.

Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop also acts as a Public Announcement station.  Audio recorded conversations are broadcast via the Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop sound system.

Below – Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop at “Load in Thursdays”. Displacement: Barge Prototype at the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo NY.

Below – Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop (and partner project Bike Date) presented at The Queen’s Museum, Queens New York, for Open Engagement 2014.


“The trailer immediately drew me in—it appeared to be sitting alone, having a conversation with itself. I was transported within moments of sitting on the “throne”–it was very experiential to hear the individual anecdotes of people with their bikes, and I loved the freedom of being able to imagine who was speaking, where they were interviewed, etc. Such an important social experiment in/for this city.”   Read about here:

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MANY THANKS to Chris Siano for his help and constant guidance during the trailer fabrication process.  Thanks to Scott Vader at Buffalo Maker Space and Jordan Dalton for help with the audio system. Thanks to the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo, the Pierre McAloon Award, and Techne Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies for financial support.

Techne-BlkPhotography: Mark Snyder, Laura Curry, Kathleen Haggerty

Grant St., Buffalo NY

Grant St., Buffalo NY

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