Bike Date at Tempus Fugit

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Tempus Fugit frames Buffalo’s Contribution to Experimental Media linking members past and present who are connected through the University at Buffalo, Department of Media Study.

The show features video, film, performance, games, sound art, interactive media, robotics and installation. Participants include experimental filmmaking luminaries Tony Conrad and Matt McCormick, Fulbright Scholars Eliseo Ortiz and Angelica Piedrahita Delgado, interdisciplinary artists Kathy High, Orkan Telhan, Jennifer Gradecki and Derek Curry, sound artist Adam McFillin, performers Laura Curry and Sean Feiner, game designer Devin Wilson, installation artist Tra Bouscaren, sculptor Liz Lessner, media artists Marc Bohlen, Nima Vakili, Jordan Dalton and Paul Lloyd Sargent.

As a gallery installation, I attach Bike Date per-recorded audio excerpts to a stationary bike. The bike, bordered with astro turf on one side and roadway pavement markings on the other, simulates cycling on the road, while the audio provides an actual, and disturbing, roadway audio experience. Enlarged line drawings and laminated booklets from past Bike Dates, and fabricated bike fist roadway signs surround the audience while they pedal and listen.

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