A.I.R @ D.O.T WorldWide

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I am a self appointed Artist in Residence at Departments of Transportation WorldWide: A.I.R.@D.O.T.WW.  As part of this practice, I install signage on roadways and adjacent spaces as safety interventions.

Example 1: “Bike Fist”

Way-finding signage on a light pole, and as a street tag help cyclists (and others) navigate the unlit pathway into a busy roadway.

Example 2:  “Forced Consciousness”

The entrance/exit to a strip mall forces cars to cross a poorly placed and marked bike lane. The entrance/exit is yards from a busy intersection, forcing cyclists to merge into 3 lanes of traffic traveling 40 mph. The series of eyes express to automobile drivers:  “HEY! WATCH IT, BUDDY!”

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