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The first iteration of pinkk, produced and presented at On the Boards, Seattle WA.

pinkk is a site-specific performance framed in a voyeuristic, peep-show environment, exploring how people see each other, and how these environments contextualize interactions between audience and performer. Using surveillance media: video and audio, audiences become part of the performance, observing people in their private spaces, while being observed by others.

Laura Curry – Choreographer, Director; Lori Dillon, Pamela Gregory, Stephen Hando, Juliet Waller Pruzan, – Collaborator, Performer ; Sheri Brown, Jana Hill, Alan Sutherland – Performer;  Adam McCullum – Composer; J. Silver – Composer; Walter Kilmer – Lighting and Set design; Bill Moyer – Composer and Artistic Conceptual Collaborator; Bob Gregory – Emotional/Spiritual Engineer; Dutch Stenjhem – Installation Design and Construction.

Supported by 4 Culture, Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Meet the Composer, On the Boards, and many individuals and coporations.

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